Cultured Marble Bathtub Refinishing
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At one time cultured marble bathtubs with a swirl pattern were quite popular. These tubs are still available, but now they are usually made in a solid color. As the material ages, it can fade, yellow and discolor. These tubs are manufactured by mixing ground marble dust with fiberglass resin and pouring it into a mold. Because the original material is basically a liquid, the tubs can be made into many different shapes and styles that are impossible to duplicate in a vacuum- formed tub. After the tub is removed from the mold, it is sprayed with a clear gelcoat finish that can quickly become scratched, dull and hard to clean. Although the "marble" look has gone out of style, they are often desirable because they are large and unique in design. However, most cultured marble bathtubs are very heavy and difficult to replace. You can save up to 80% of the cost replacement with a tub resurfacing. Bathtub refinishing can be accomplished without removing the tub, with a substantial savings in cost, remodeling mess and labor. Cultured marble bathtub reglazing can be done in white or any other color you choose. We can also resurface the shower surround walls with the tub, to update and modernize your whole bathroom.
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Cultured Marble Bathtub
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